7 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your Android Smartphone | 2017 With Video

Hey, what's up guys??? I am Rezuan from Get Top Tricks and in this Post, I'll show you seven things which you are doing wrong on your Android devices. So without waiting any further let's jump right in one.


1. Don't remove recent Apps from multitasking 

at first I want to tell you that don't remove applications manually from your multitasking trip if you remove any application from multitasking trip we are actually thinking that it is freeing up the available memory of our device but guys, it is not doing anything like that but actually, it's making your device much slower. so don't remove applications like this from your multitasking tray.
just use your Android smartphone as you are doing right now and let the Android operating system handle that stuff for you.

2. Stop Charging In A Wrong Way 

I want to share with you something which is really necessary for you guys to know as because when we are charging our battery we always think like that if we charge our smartphone zero percent to hundred percent then after discharging it on hundred percent then again using it until the device battery comes to one percent, and then again charging it makes our device's battery calibrate but guys it is not doing like that it is actually harming the battery on your Android smartphone as because the Android developers also say that don't let your device battery drain up 20 percent. it actually harms the longevity of the battery on your Android smartphone. so basically what we need to do. we need to charge your device up to eighty percent or ninety percent and then we need to discharge it and then you need to use it until it goes down to twenty percent or fifteen percent or you can also use it until it's ten percent but don't charge your phone while it's on two percent or five percent . maybe if you go through the trick which I've shared with you then you'll find a great improvement in the battery life of your device.

3. Stop Using Cleaner Apps

you can see if you search on the with Android cleaner then you get a bunch of cleaner applications like super cleaner, fast cleaners but guys don't use these applications as because it is not actually cleaning anything on your Android smartphone. it will actually delete Android user cache files from your device which the OS  need the operating system running. so basically it will delete those files and again the Android operating system will recreate that particular necessary file. so by using these applications, you are actually deleting the necessary files and then again your smartphone is creating that file so in this process it will actually make your device much slower.

4. Try Not To Use 3rd Party Apps

I would recommend you guys not to install any third-party applications by using this burden which is there on our settings of our Android devices which is unknown sources. so by using this feature, we can install any third-party applications downloaded from the internet. if we use any third-party applications we are actually doing piracy and there can even be some security issues with your Android smartphone as because if you search for any third-party applications it might come with a key logger which will log your passwords which you enter on your Android smartphone and then it will end with some security issues it can also lead you to identity theft.

5. Stop Using Proximity Sensor Apps

I want to tell you that don't use any kind of proximity sensor applications as because there is various kind of proximity sensor applications which will let us use the proximity sensor to unlock or lock our device or to open any kind of Apps installed on our device. just by using the proximity sensor waving our hand over the proximity sensor whatever we have got some stuff here on various applications which we get from the Play Store but guys don't use this kind of applications as because by using these applications you are basically draining your battery much more faster.

6. Stop Using Battery Saver Apps

Now I will again tell you guys not to use any battery several applications as because it bacillary doesn't save any kind of battery even with the use of very known applications or a famous application like battery doctor it doesn't save any battery on your device but actually makes your device much slower and also drains up your battery much more faster than what it actually does while using your Android device so don't just use this kind of battery doctor or battery saver applications .

7. Switch off or Restart your device once in a week

now last but not least I want to share with you something that switch off your device at least once in a week. because when you switch off your device or when you restart your device it actually clears up the cache making your device perform much faster and also it will clear up various other files which do need a refresh on your Android smartphone.

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