10 Cool & Useful Android Apps You Must Try with Apps Video Review

What's up guys I am Rezuan from Get Top Tricks and today I'm going to show you 10 cool Android Apps you Don't know. There are more than 2 million Apps on the Play Store. So it can be a little tough to find the cool new apps. We spent the past two days exploring the latest Cool android apps. So without waiting any further let's jump right in one.

1. Torchie
It's a simple Torch App and uses to pretty handy. You can Turn it on or off by pressing both volume buttons. it's work very faster than others Torch App. If your smartphone doesn't have Flash, the app will activate Screen Flash.
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2. Navbar Apps
If you feeling bored with your navbar color, yet this app is for you.
You can change Navigation bar to any color or use a picture on Navbar. You can also set Navigation bar colors that match the app display color.
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3. Hermit
Now you must be tired of apps slowing a phone down and relying on the battery. The Hermit is a very simple app with your Favorite portal or services. For an instant you can create a Fb lite app then you can customize your own. It also has Malware and popups Blocker and much more.
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4. Radon
Radon is a simple app to share any links to everyone nearby you. this app Automatically opens whatever you share. This is really Handy. You can share youtube video links or links of your article data. it uses your sensors to broadcast links.
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5. Fluenty
It's a messaging app like Whatsapp, IMO or iMessage brings support to air base reply for messages. This is the app with Auto reply messaging suggestion.

6. KinScreen
Want to control when you screen remains on or off. It is the different base to control your screen on and off. you might want to install KinScreen. It uses Proximity Senser to turns your screen on or off.

7. Drupe
Forget your built-in Contact App. Drupe brings your all contacts and Calling Apps together like FB Messenger, Whatsapp, IMO etc. It is pretty Popular App but I believe not everyone knows about it. This app in Play Store called a Phone Dialer but it is not a simple phone Dialer. It has also a built-in recorder.
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8. Magnify
Magnify is an App for your Instagram adding suitable tags. It can suggest you popular hashtags in various categories for Instagram. And you can insert multiple hashtags from different categories. The app doesn't automatically post Instagram but is notify your post to the time.

9. Snap Swipe Drawer
Android widgets are a much-loved Features but not everyone loves them because widget makes your home screen Dirty and unorganized. By this app, you can get widgets from notification center and Keep your home screen clean and organized.

10. Stitch It
At the end of the list is the screenshot tool called Stitch it. Stitch it can Capture long and multiple screenshots. It can Capture a long Conversation with your friend as an image. If you wanted to save an article on a website for reading it later yes it can Capture full the web page as an image.

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6 Hidden Android Gestures You Don't Know with Video Tutorial

What's up guys I am Rezuan from Get Top Tricks and in this Post, I'll be amazing you with some really cool android gestures that you will get used to eventually. interacting with your Android device using tabs and Scrolls is so ice cream sandwich if you know what I mean well. you can use plenty of gestures to interact with your Android device but most of them are unknown to the users. but don't worry we'll introduce you to them.  so without waiting any further let's jump right in one. We are using Nexus 5x with Android Version 7.0 but it also works any Device with Android version 7.0, 6.0 and 5.0.

1. Split Screen - Multitasking Gesture
a really cool feature that no got brings us split-screen multitasking. if you are the one who likes to multitask this feature is an absolute treat for you. to activate split screen you just have to press hold the recent SAP button and the already opened f will minimize to half the screen size and you can open whatever app you want in the other half, however. For more Details watch the video....

2. Swiping Tabs in Chrome
If you are someone who opens a lot of tabs in chrome we have some good news for you. Chrome offers a simple yet intuitive gesture to switch tabs quickly. Take a situation where you have opened a couple of tabs in chrome. You can just swipe right or left from the address bar to switch between tabs. Remember you will have to swipe on the address bar otherwise, this trick won't work.  For more Details watch the video Below....

3. Two Finger Swipe Down
Isn't it if you have to let's say turn on the location services. You will scroll down from the top ones which will open the Notification Center repeat it once again and it will open the quick settings. However, If you will use two fingers instead of one it will directly open the quick settings with the various toggles such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location etc. For more Details watch the video Below...

4. Zoom In Using One Finger

Zooming in with pinch gesture or double tap is not very user-friendly when you have only one finger free. Double tap on an image and don't let go the finger on the second tab now move the finger upwards or downwards to zoom in or zoom out the image. It not only works on photos but also on google maps. It's pretty handy when you are running out of fingers on Google Maps. For more Details watch the video Below....

5. Google Keyboard Gesture
Google keyboard is most popular keyboard app with its unique features. The keyboard has some very cool gestures Features that you can use it to speed up your typing. Here are some of them. Let's say you have typed a really long sentence and while reading it you find some misspellings here and there. So instead of tapping into words you can simply swipe left or right on the spacebar to pinpoint the words you want to edit it. For more Details watch the video Below....

6. Delete Complete Sentence using Google Keyboard
If you want to delete a complete sentence or a couple of words the usual way is to keep pressing the Delete key till it's done. But there is a really thoughtful gesture to a rescue. Let's say you have to delete one complete sentence all you have to do is press the Delete key and drag it towards left on the keyboard. It will then select the words and delete all of them at once.For more Details watch the video Below.... 

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Top 10 Hidden Windows Features You Don't Know with Video Tutorial

Hey, what's up guys?? This is Rezuan from Get Top Tricks. Today I'm going show you something special for windows 10 user. I have been searching for a month for 10 cool hidden windows features on my computer. After finding these Features, I was very excited to share all of you. you guys might not know about these Features before. These are all on Windows 10, but many will also find this features in earlier versions of windows.  If you guys read this post end and enjoying this at any point Please give Share this post, that'd be awesome. So let's get started.

Here are the 10 Features mentions on this Video Tutorial 

  • Secret Start Menu Feature
  • Storage Manager File Information
  • God Mode Menu
  • Snipping Tool
  • Sticky Note
  • Windows Remote Assistance
  • Steps Recorder
  • Voice Recorder
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic

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So here you have it 10 features in Windows that you almost never hear about before. But I know some of you probably already know about many of these Hidden Features but hopefully at least learned about one or two Features. So you can Inform us down in the comments section. maybe I missed something if you know some really secret ones let us know or maybe you didn't know about any of these that'd be great. so if you guys also liked this Post again be sure to give a Share so I know you liked it.

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iPhone 8 has been LEAKED ! | First Rumors with Video | Impressive Look

what's up guys the very first iPhone 8 schematic may have leaked and we interpreted it into this design. so I wanted to share that with you today before getting into the latest iPhone 8 rumors and leaks which have been quite a bit off.  so on the front, we've got a massive display. we do have the curved teardrop light design around the edges but it's not quite as exotic as previously anticipated. so it's still a squared design on the front of the phone. no curved edge display. unfortunately, it does have the iris sensors in the front and on the back it looks actually kind of cool a vertical dual lens camera for iPhone edition. so basically take any seven-plus camera and shifting it vertically. it's on other what advantages this may have but supposedly that's what the schematic does support. also on the back, we do have a smart connector. of course, this is far from a guaranteed or confirmed but I just wanted it to interpret that into a real world design for you. so guys let's talk about the latest in iPhone 8 leaks. first, off this schematic, it was reported that he Foxconn employee with his dying breath found in the pool of blood drew this schematic out with his very own blood. not really guys but take a look at this. 
I mean would you trust this I don't know it just seems a little sketchy but supposedly a Foxconn employee did have a hands-on look at the prototype of the iPhone 8. I mean which one they're testing so many we know that but supposedly he would give us the schematic from it and then this one was born so this one it stands right in the middle of it that this is purely fictional.

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19 Google Search Fun Tricks You MUST Try | With Video Tutorial 2017

What’s going on guys, welcome to another brand new Tricks and today we gonna be to show you a very special thing. Top 19 Google Search Fun Tricks that you wish you knew before. Google is the most Popular & important parts of our daily life. Nowadays at least, 5 to 6 times we use Google to find any Problem solutions or searching for something New. The majority of those peoples don’t know the Funny tricks in Google search. After watching this video, I think you knew these Tricks before. no more wasting time, Let’s get started.

Here are the things mentions on this Video Tutorial 

  1. Do a Barrel Roll
  2. Google gravity
  3. Zerg Rush
  4. The Answer to life the universe and everything
  5. Play Breakout on Google
  6. Google Sphere
  7. Epic Google
  8. Googoth 
  9. Google Pacman
  10. Google Guitar
  11. Google Underwater
  12. Google Pirate
  13. Google Rainbow
  14. Elgoog
  15. Google Snake
  16. Google in 1980
  17. Google Pond
  18. Google in Space
  19. Find Chuck Norris

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been LEAKED ! | First Rumors with Video 2017

Ok, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been confirmed DJ co the president of Samsung. mobile recently talked about the note 8 and how it can be a better safer version of the galaxy nexus 7 and since then these specifications and the code name of the phones have started to trickle out. so the Galaxy Note 8 has actually been worked on under the codename great which not the most original title but it works on top of that we know that the phone is going to be titled SM-N950. so looking at the past Galaxy Note release states we've had October / august-September. so I mean you might predict a late August verdict September release but to the honest galaxy s 8 this year released quite a bit later almost half a month later.  In the galaxy s7 last year so in my opinion, we're looking at early September to late-September. So we're also pretty sure we've got our first look at the design of the phone it should be basically comprised of Gorilla Glass 5 and also a metal very similar to the Samsung galaxy s 8. It should be a little bit boxier but still have the same infinity display which looks incredible. it's been a huge hit so it seems like there's no reason for that to change however, the galaxy s 8 already has a five point eight inch screen vs 8 plus already is 6.2 and so I traditionally the note series do have larger displacement those the current leaks are pointing towards a six point four inch screen on the device that gargantuan and whether on I adopts the new 18.5 aspect ratio. We don't really know it's up for debate. Now it could be a 2k or 4k panel, nobody really knows. now if something wants to go toe-to-toe with Sony and the exit premium it's going to have to have a 4k display on it but to me personally kind of prefer a 2k on there I think that the trade-off between battery life.

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8 Useful Google Maps Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know for Your Daily Life | With Video Tutorial 2017

Google Maps is the best Location mapping in the world. Google Maps regularly updates with new useful features. Offline Maps one of the most useful Update with Location Tracking system. It has many new features that everyone doesn't know. But everyone should know the useful features for their Daily Life. Let's talk about the hidden & secrets features and tricks of Google Maps. In this video, we will show you 8 useful Google Maps hidden and secrets features and Tricks with the Android Google Maps app and the Google Maps website.
We clearly show the existence of the various Google Maps Features and tricks using the Xiaomi mi Mix and Moto G4 Plus Phone and Windows 10 laptop.

Those are the Useful and Hidden Features: 

  1. Share Your Real-Time Location with Friends.
  2. You can Save Location of Parking.
  3. Multi-Stops for Traveling (Hotel, Restaurant, Petrol Pump).
  4. Take a Cab Directly from Google Maps Near of You.
  5. Avoid Tolls Road While Navigating.
  6. Your Upcoming Plan With Google Calendar App & Gmail App.
  7. Time Travel ( Different Years Street Photo View).
  8. Distance Traveled ( Number of Travels, Miles Your Run ).

Google Location History Distance Traveled Link: https://kyleai.github.io/Google-Location-History-Total-Distance-Travelled/

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