Youtube Video and Audio Download without any Software | Video Tutorial | Top 5 Youtube Tricks you should know in 2017

Youtube is the most popular Video Sharing website. Over 3 billion youtube videos watch in a single day. You can watch online videos on youtube but can't download it.

So now we are going to show How to download any Video and Audio from youtube without using any software. very easy steps. also, we are showing some useful tricks for youtube you should know it.

Let's start :)
Here are the things mentions on this Video Tutorial 

  1. ssyoutube
  2. listentoyoutube
  3. nsfwyoutube
  4. listenonrepeat
  5. gifyoutube
For Download This Video go to the link
For Download Mp3 go to the link

Now Follow the Video Carefully to Apply the Tricks

Thanks for watching

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10 New Android O Features You Should Know | First Look | with Video

Google recently released their new updates Android O (Oreo) Developer preview for their Devices with Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player and Nexus 5X.
There are 10 New and unique Features on this update. 
Here is the Preview Download Link for Pixel and Nexus Devices.

Here is the Tutorial How to Install Android O.

Let's see the 10 new features on Android O.

Follow the Video Carefully

Thanks for watching

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10 Coolest Google Assistant Hidden Tricks You Should Know in 2017 | very useful with video Tutorial

Google Assistant is most popular voice Assistant service with exclusive features in 2017. Google Lunched it for Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. But now anyone can use it running Android 6.0 marshmallow and higher Devices.
But I think everybody does not know it's hidden features. It's very Important to know that hidden features. Now I show the best top 10 google Assistant hidden features step by step....

Here are the 10 Features:

1. You can unlock your Phone with Google Assistant.
2. You can remember you things with Google Assistant.
3. See 
Emails & Messages. 
4. You can Plan your Day with it.
5. Can take a Selfie.
6. Can see Your Photos.
7. Facebook Post with Google Assistant.
8. You can wish your Birthday with Google Assistant !!
9. Can Translate with Voice Commands.
10. Google Assistant can speak Morse Code.

That really WoW!!!

Now Follow the video with those Features:

Thanks for watching

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Bitdefender Total Security 2017 free 90 days official License

Bitdefender Total Security 2017

Bitdefender Total Security is the most popular PC security in 2017. it's a full PC security like Anti-virus, Internet security, Data Protection, Family oriented Protection etc. That means it's a total security for you Personal Computer. But it is expensive to use. it's about 90$ cost for 365 days.
But now you can use it totally 90 days free for 1 email account. if you use 4 email account you can use it 365 days.

Now start How to Active it for 90 days

Go to the Bitdefender official site. The link is Here Bitdefender Total Security 90 Days Free.

  • Enter your Email Adress for free registration.
  • Check on I'm not a robot captcha Button.
  • Now Click GET IT NOW Button.
  • After finish goes to your email and checks inbox for Bitdefender mail.
  • Open the mail and click INSTALL BITDEFENDER Button.
  • Now Create a Bitdefender Free Account by Click Create one.
  • After Create, it's Automatically Log in to your new account.
  • Now Just click INSTALL BITDEFENDER Button.
  • Download it. 
  • Now Install it and log in with your account
  • Finish :)

After 90 days use the same steps by a new email Address for more 90 days License

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How to Clean Install macOS Sierra with Video Tutorial | very Easy Steps

Clean Install MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra is the latest version OS of Apple mac. it's available for free update. but after an update, your mac will not perform faster. so you need to install it with a factory reset. that is called Clean MacOS Sierra Install. here are some steps to install MacOS sierra. Follow the steps carefully in this video tutorial. I think it's very easy steps. after the clean install, your mac performs faster. Thank you for watching this video.

Follow the Video Carefully

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