How to View Webpages Offline in Chrome on Android

If you read a lot of articles online, then there is a possibility that you are having problems connecting to the network and more. In addition, there are times when you want to read an article later, and you want to save it every time, when you have time. So far, people are using applications like Pocket or Instapaper to save links to read later. However, Google has just announced a new feature in Chrome for Android operating systems, users who can download web pages on their devices, and read them later. Therefore, if you want to completely use the new offline mode in Google Chrome, here's how to see offline web pages in Chrome in Android.

Note: You will need the latest version of Chrome to make your download options visible. As of this writing, Chrome is currently running 58.0.3029.83 for the Android operating system.

If you want to save webpages to watch offline, follow the steps below:

1. Run chrome, and find the link to the webpage you want to download. In the context menu that is pressed for a long time on the link, and pops up, you will see an option that says "download link" Click on this icon if the files are not used before Chrome, Chrome will keep you in storage Can ask for permission.

2. If you go to the "Offline" error page or Chrome dinosaur page while navigating on a webpage, you will see a button that reads "download page later". You can click on it, and Chrome will browse the web page that will be downloading a working Internet connection next time you have it.

3. After Complete Page Download Chrome suggest you to open the offline page to ensure that it is ready for offline use.

4. Chrome ensures easy access to your webpages, and you'll be able to see all the saved pages on Chrome's new tab page, with a special badge to mark it as downloaded. You can simply click on these download pages to view in your holiday.

5. Then the Offline file will open and enjoy your Happy Holiday.

Chrome brings a very easy way to save web pages for offline viewing, or reads the way Chrome handles it, it provides applications such as Pocket Link. Most offline reading apps provide website text only for later reading, but the entire web page is saved instead of chrome origin, and always keeps a list of web pages ready for you, even when you're offline So, an application like Pocket will be uninstalled, and now Chrome is basically a function, and with a lot of potential? 

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10 Hidden Google Games You Should Play

We've summarized approximately 10 hidden Google Games and Doodle 
graphics, which you can play at any time.
Google is always known for doing amazing things, they constantly bring new scribbles and some hidden moves to entice Internet users. Do you know that by typing "do a barrel roll" the search engine page takes full rotation, is it amazing?
The best part of Google games is that it does not take much time to load and it is very easy to play. To play these Scribble games you just have to follow the instructions below. Some games work directly on the search engine page, in which you have to write some keywords, the other matches will be organized.

1. The T-rex Game

Google knows that anyone can be annoyed without internet connection when your computer says "unable to connect to the Internet" or "no connection" until you prepare yourself for impact, chairs in the room Can start flying at any time. Google always wants Chrome users to remain silent, because there is no Internet connection.

When this happens, you see "T-Rex" (8-bit) on the screen. This is not to tell you that "You can not even spend the internet, you live in the age of dinosaurs" but hidden games have been played here. Press any keyboard button, the game will start, you have to jump over obstacles and see those flying things. In fact this is an endless game.
To hit you repeatedly, use only one button is the space bar

2. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is another game that will leave you easily by clicking repeatedly on mouse keys for the uncertainty of time.
Type "Zerg Rush" on Google search box for the Game.
"Zerg Rush" on Google Groups of "O" comes in reference to the destruction of search results. You have to be sad, you have to stop it from having this by clicking on Google OS.

3. Pac-Man  

This is something you have played in your childhood days, which is easy to type in "PAC-MAN" and then click on the Play button.
Type "PAC-MAN" on Google search box for the Game.
Pinky, Enki, Blankie, and Clyde This game is like the original game, you can easily run it on your PC. You can control the game through navigation keys and keep in mind that you should definitely get those fruits.

4. Google Snake Doodle

Click Here For The Game
This is a version of snake game from the Nokia era, while writing "Google Circle" (now on the search page) does not work, but you can access that game using the link below. Although the game of snake has returned with the Nokia 3310 (updated version), however you can hit anytime with this awesome game.

5. Atari Breakout

Breakout is a paper game developed by Wozniak and S. Jobs. The concept allows the paddle to move and the ball to kill all bricks. You can access this game by typing "Atari Breakout" in Google Image (Google> Search Atari Breakout> Click on the Pictures tab)

6. Solitaire

Play classic solitaire games from the right Google search page, play "solitaire"  and click the "Click to Play" button. The game offers you two difficulty options, and easy or difficult options. The game is simple and you get the cards in descending order.

7. Smarty PINS

It is fun to put common sense on the map, smarty pins testing your geography knowledge. You will be asked general, you have to transfer the PIN to this site that matches the answer. Note: There are also signals.

8. Pangolin Love Doodle

This is a game where Pangolin have to reach the goal of collecting some kind of coins and preventing Enemy. You can complete them one by one. Using the control keyboard navigation button is easy, even space to jump.

9. Soccer

This doodle game has been released back in 2012, it's a great way to spend your time.

10. Cricket

This dastardly cricket game is easy and you have to remind the cricket ICC. But look for the Bowler, if you miss that any pot hit, the wicket will break. Snails are fun, but not very slow.

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Top 10 iPhone 8/Plus/X Disadvantages Which may Hurts Apple Fans

There is a lot to offer in all three iPhone, while the iPhone 8 and 8 plus 4'7 and 5 "5 are screen sizes and almost in the design of the iPhone 7, the iPhone X (10 is called) Apple's phone display screen The edge of this post is only aimed at the iPhone 8 / Plus  to ensure that we like the iPhone as everyone else, it is only we see great features and apple plans every year.

Top 10 iPhone 8/8 Plus Disadvantage You Should Know

1. Still no fingerprint scanner.

Apple is close to master fingerprint technology for its upcoming device, and it is a big disappointment that the new iPhone 8 will not come with a fingerprint scanner. There are rumors that Apple will bring with it in the future with the iPhone 8 version. Scanner This time, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus still has a Touch ID which is also a fingerprint scanner, so it's great. Apple is back with Touch ID, but Apple believes that loyal consumers can control any fingerprints. (What do we mean is the lack of a different fingerprint scanner in the rear panel behind the phone).

2. iPhone 8/8 plus iPhone 7's Smallest Battery

The new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are 1821mAh, 2675 MAH respectively, if you compare and compare with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, then 1,960 mAh, the battery is 2,900 mAh respectively.

3. RAM (Small) is the big case in general

It is that under average $ 300, Android phones have 6 or 8 RAM chargers, but in a new era, we also run in the race of 8 and 3 GB RAM on iPhone 8 and with additional expenditure. However, the iPhone 8 (Plus and X model) expelled everyone in Jackpine, Apple wanted to leave Ram configuration. We know that the Android operating system needs more RAM than iOS, but if you play a heavy game, then you have 7 tabs with a background safari, back and back finally access the iOS to Safari Random to clean up until the game is delayed
Today Apple's phones are like a laptop, there is a powerful chip, FD + screen resolution, GPU, and storage - it seems that RAM is the only factor that is compatible.

4. High value and no price guarantee

If you are an Apple Client that makes you very loyal to the new iPhone model, then are you considering upgrading the new iPhone 8 (or other)? Nothing, but why offer the best and some extra disc? additional expenses! To do the same thing that you do on the older iPhone though it is not a big surprise that people have already started pre-order of iPhone 8 (Plus, X), which will surely melt your pocket until You do not have enough luck to spend each time, Apple announces a new phone.
Wireless charging is interesting and comes with the additional cost of money, users can take care of money which you see is that it is a big flaw if the saliva gets taped to see the wireless charging phone.

5. Lack of recent facilities has ceased

With so-called iPhone 8, there are many disadvantages compared to other major Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Another fall There is no iris scan in the presence of iPhone 8 / Plus / X, USB port Type C, Dual SIM, Small plug-slot And so on.

1. It is sad that the iPhone 8 is a scanner safe iris that we have not seen in the Samsung Galaxy S8, instead of the iPhone 8 / Plus you took TouchID no Home Button (TouchID) and Phage Ede, while the iPhone 10 or called X is a place where the phone will be 30K + project points do not appear on the face and in the face of identifying faces and in a dark room, the same advanced security function, in which to create a 3D model Works.
2. The apple seems to be with the power connector, so it is as easy as the iPhone 8 will not (No, no, never will) USB-C.

6. iPhone 8 plus weight is increasing

It gets thicker and heavier than its predecessor. The weight of the iPhone 8 is exactly 148 grams, while 8 plus weight is 202 grams, is it not a bit heavy? Apple customers like to answer the question.

This is very strange because the battery has diminished in the iPhone 8, which is less than the consumption of iPhone phones. In addition, the weight of the iPhone has increased significantly. In this case, you may have to face difficulties dealing with the iPhone 8 Plus as it is about 200 grams, which is slightly more than the standard smartphone.

7. Headphone jack is still missing

When you buy an iPhone, a free earphone connector in the apple box does not have much to say, and basically, it comes to plug in any headset or headset in the phone, and something like 3.5 mm socket Can not even be Okay, now you have to accept this thing. You can add your 3.5mm jack headphone to the iPhone with the help of an electric connector.

8. There is no "wow" factor

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are exactly the same and have an old design, and there is no edge on the screen. Although Avon 10 screen is a low screen, it is unfortunate that you are commenting on whether you want to buy an iPhone 8 or a short version.

If you are looking for # 9 points, we are sorry, if Apple and Microsoft do this, then we can also leave the issue, this is a great deal. Isn't it?

10. Some questions for iPhone X

Notes for FaceID

In relation to a FaceID, Apple moves and touch the touch ID from ID to introduce us already seen on another phone, since Android 4.4, Samsung, which works very quickly in Lavon X, Apple ID What do they need in contrast to the iris scanner in the face (ten) I would like to suggest a lot of questions waiting for the review before purchasing a piece, unless you have to spend it to see it. Le not

When you find FaceID for the face: Once you pick up the phone, your face will start recognizing it to open it.

Asks for passcode: After two failed calls for the phone asks for a failed passcode, which is actually designed to work in this way, but your phone does not get in touch with many people in the office So, what, they also count in unsuccessful attempts? Who knows ...

How to take a screenshot :
There will always be a screenshot path. At present, we do not see in any way to take a snapshot originally, the power + does not work below beans, Apple probably will not be able to tap three fingers to take a gesture shot.

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Learn Blogger Limitations The Complete List of Blogger Limits

Below is a complete list of restrictions on using Blogger. Blogger is one of the best content management systems, where anyone can start their own blog, though Blogger has many functions and features.

1. Limit Blogger's Account

  • Total Blog: 100 Blog Entries Custom Subdomain / Domain
  • Long information "About me" (posted on the personal account page): 1200 characters
  • Information hobby and emo length: 2000 characters
  • Blogs that exceed the maximum amount per account: 300 blogs
Image view uploaded via post editor: maximum of 1600 pixels may still be a bigger number, but then automatically (16) however, you can change these parameters to resize image by following it as an image resin Can.
View image uploaded by template designer (background): no restrictions

Images by heavy file size:

Post Blogspot images via editor: 8 MB
Template templates are loaded through designer (background): 300 KB
Photos uploaded through mobile devices: 250 KB

Ability to host images:

Update: Your photos will be stored in Picasa, which will soon be closed, this obscure user is going to get bloggers a new option in Blogger, which is called "Images uploaded to Google Images"

Up to 15 GB of total storage (if you've upgraded to Google+, your photos will be stored in Google Picasa), with 15 GB of shared storage with Gmail and Drive.
Bandwidth / Hosting: Unlimited - No speed restriction.

2. Blog for a limit

Title / Blog Name: 90 Characters
Name of long subdomain ( 37 characters
Long blog description (description at the top of the page): 500 characters
Number of members per blog: 100 people
Number of blog readers (for individual blogs): 100 people
Number of Posts: No restrictions. However, if you post a lot in a day, you may get a similar alert, which you can override through a quetta solution,
It is determined by the number of jobs that page → Listings (Home, Classification, and Collection) are displayed by publishing via options → Coordinate → settings appear to be as much as possible. If the day is chosen (day), then the maximum width is 1MB on one page.
Number of Classification: 5000 pieces per blog unique rating
Acquisition of the import limit: You can import your backups for your blog, it is likely that after 5th import, you will see a warning and may not be able to import more that day.

3. Another restriction

Length of each function: no restrictions

Load file per share: As there is no limit, already mentioned above, the file can display display parts above 1 MB above 1 MB on the following page (for sharing multiple pages one ) is.

Number of ratings per post: 20 unique

Number of comments per post: no restrictions

Publish length of file name (file name to share address): 39 characters

An example file name file is generated from the share address when it was created for the first time (this is only one of the weaknesses blogger blog, hence it causes a long-term reason minus Worrall another because it commands how permalink The facility can use SEO-friendly system code to know to have reached the maximum to overcome this effort to travel).

4. Other Barriers

Classification Length: 200 Characters
Suspension duration: 4,096 characters in the comment

The restrictions above will be very rare because they are one of the blogger blogs which have many free services. However, hope to know the limitations of using Blogger, we can understand some of the better characters bloggers who have never seen before, and can maximize future use of the Blogger service. Thanks, can be useful

Complete list of Blogger account limitations

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions and Short Answers - Complete list of plug-ins Bloggers

Proposer Storage Limit - 15 GB Overlay - Acceptable
Blogger Page Limit - Separate
Post Comment Limit - Unlimited
Blogger size, space limit - Maximum 15 GB of photos in Picasa - Upgradable
Blog Reserve - Per AUTA 100
Blogspot limit - none

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10 Best Android Games 2017 | with Video Review

Mobile gaming is a better technology than ever before. Android games seem to hit new levels every year. The Android Nougat and Vulkan API are only good for the time and better when coming to the market. It now shows more impressive headlines than ours! And without further delay, here's the best Android game available now! At the same time, 2016 last and 2017 released video shows the best Android games.

01. Crashlands

Crashland was released in 2016 and it is already one of the best Android games. It makes an astronaut who has finished to recover an accident on an alien planet. Your task is to make a base of yourself, to make yourself a base, to collect various objects (and their craft), and to avoid a weird plot with an RPG element in the role of the world's character, which consists of many things that you have to do to collect and It's automatic sort of games make things simple like your list makes it fun and interesting to have dozens of bells a lot. Best part? To get in the way.

02. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

The geomatics war series has been described quite a bit as Fanbase big enough and it is one of the most entertaining indie games. Geometric War 3 challenges the proud tradition by introducing more 3D maps made from games and different sizes. There are 100 levels, 12 battle mode, and it's all 15 kept the 3D grid. Ideally, you have a super power and all the HD, colorful explosion that may be your brain handle. $ 9.99 Mobile games may seem valuable, but one in-app purchase is available.

03. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft went to the scene at the end of the strategy in 2014, it's one of the best Android games since then. Collecting gatherings where you collect cards. It is similar to a concept that games like Pokemon or Magic. You can use your PC or mobile to connect with the games that will allow you to play games on the device. This is a new expansion often coming and it helps keep something fresh.

04. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft has never played for people of all ages, But it's a very popular game. A survival mode where you need to put together a creative mode of its own resources and food that gives you everything unlimited. Frequently updated updates are one of the most popular Android games not included in the purchase of new content and possibilities apps, but they are generally optimized for things like skin packs.

05. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO broke onto the mobile gaming scene in July 2016 and immediately became the best Android game. It is a growth reality game where you walk around the real world, Pokémon, kill the Poker stop to catch the fight for the gym, and refresh the item. It makes the book lose nearly every record in a relatively short run. The problem on the game server is a history and they are still tinkering with different mechanics, but if you can pass it, it is a special game. Future updates will add more Pokémon, mechanical replacements over time, and more.

06. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP Games are probably the best racers of Android gaming. The latest title is one of this Riptide GP Renegade, lets you play as a racer who lost his identity after being caught in an illegal street race. You will fight back on his way back to the back. The game includes a good graphics, easy control, fun techniques and boost system to help achieve an edge. Perhaps it's a well-known game of apostasy, so no advertising thing screw up and without in-app purchases. In fact, the series has to pay three games now, but if the optional In-app purchases Riptide GP2.

07. Rockstar Games Titles

Rockstar Games are a better selection than some other port built-in mobile titles. Some port, you have such classic games such as Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and Andreas in the sea. Closing Throwing Topping, an open world adventure game that revolves around a school student Very China Town War: Liberty City Story and GTA: They have Max Payne Mobile, GTA Rockstar always kept a good reputation for creating mobile fun, open world games and true.

08. RollerCoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic PC Games Returns to a port route. It is one of the few simulation games, which is betrayed with the in-app purchase. Those who do not know, you have to create an amusement park in this game. Should you design for each park, Rolrkoars, shops, people are establishing induction, then keep them happy, and how to spend their money. The original purchase comes with rollercoaster tycoon 2 base game. In-app extra in-house DLC packs are available in shopping form.


Square Enix, is one of the few "Big Name" developers, who have started taking seriously from mobile gaming and they have the best Android games available. game fans stir up the rebuilding of the series of Final Fantasy 1-7 and 9, seven Dragon Quest games, and Chaos Rings game series and they are all very good. Hitman: Sniper, the original Tomb Raider, Deus Ex Go, and Lara Croft Go games Round out the decent selection Strategy. Even their freemium attempts are really fantastic in the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

10. The Room

The latest game in the series is equivalent to a hit as its predecessors and they are one of the best Android games. For those who did not play the first games, a beautiful puzzle game in the room that includes a lot of unique things in a room that you have to solve to unlock his secret survival. As long as you do not win games, you can progress from the room to the room and find unique items and solve their puzzles. Cloud Third, save multiple profiles in the alternate ending and play the first two title games in the same beautiful puzzles and graphics that people go on.

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Top 10 Upcoming PC Games 2017 | With Video Trailer

In 2017  release some of the top class play in our commitment to bringing the rest of us more epic title so far! Here's something for every kind and this is the next big FPS or if you have been covered RPG game title, coming soon. List of great games keeps you busy! You want to create a list that lists all the important in the next few months to excite or look for some great titles, and to get more.

10. Mirage: Arcane Warfare

Date of Release: 23 May 2017 
Genres: Shooter

Mirage is a multiplayer FPS-based skill that enables you to tear apart part of your opponent's opponents with destructive magic and chaos. Use hidden killers, six different sections, including stop the savages, powerful magicians and more. With a unique focus on his charm and really felt in control of the sword, Mirage responded to demand creativity, and will never be seen.

09. Steel Division: Normandy 44

Date of Release: 23 May 2017 
Genres: Strategy

Paradox Interactive Systems and New RTS Eugene Steel Division: Normandy 44 players returned to World War II. Real-time strategy game, such as the classic WW2 Soldier Blitzkrieg and World War II hero, Normandy 44, with a deep and complex gameplay method which can give heart to heart! New RTS gameplay mechanics and immersive gameplay players have been confirmed to bring the complicated patient WW2 to provide the truth.

08. Dirt 4

Date of Release: 9 June 2017 

Genres: Racing

The latest trend of the glorious rallying series of the DIRT4 Codemasters. After emphasizing the DiTR 3 Gymkhana, the DiRT withdraws its 4th series to its roots, the DiRT Rally has shown that the Codemasters have still met. If you're a fan of racing games, then you do not want to leave that game.

07. Micro Machines World Series

Date of Release: 20 June 2017 
Genres: Racing

Micro Machines are coming back and are taken into the iconic locations, including houses such as great kitchen and pool tables set. The latest in the series, the interactive course of the car runs almost qualifying chaos, small optimization. With a whole new multiplayer mode and a huge siesta area, a large variety of weapons and interactive maps for multiplayer mayhem.

06. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Date of Release: May 2017
Genres: Shooter

Grenade Launch and a powerful supporter of automatic rifles, you can not take serious strategic, multiplayer battles for up to 64 players. Practical and sandy action game, set in the Vietnam War, will keep your toes in different ways of players.

05. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood

Date of Release: 20 June 2017
Genres: RPG

Extension to the wild popular MMO, available for pre-purchase with the release of June 2017. In the XIV epic magic world of the latest imagination, the next section for Eorzea new inventions challenges and full of unexpected set in the new ground.

04. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Date of Release: 25 August 2017
Genres: Action

In August of this year, the original story of Talion and Celebrimbor. The army and against all the Möderar Dark Lord, Sauron to the murder of Middle Earth Shadow. Over 50 industrial awards winners for this game.

03. Tekken 7

Date of Release: 02 June 2017
Genres: Action

Round 1: Your way through the fight of their favorite characters such as the next peak of war games. Round 2: To learn all the special moves and different style of gameplay. Round 3: Play as a new character, including the Hadoken master, Akuma! K.O!

02. The Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind

Date of Release: 06 June 2017 
Genres: RPG

Looking for a large scrolling fans by updating. Elder Scroll Online: Morrowind has transferred Elder Scroll III where the false land of VerverFell. The player will be considered to make Big Scroll of 30 hours, brand new watchman class, new Battlegrounds PvP mode and much more 700 years ago VerveWebFell will be able to experience the III event content of new stories.

01. Call of Duty WWII

Date of Release: 03 November 2017
Genres: Shooter

November 2017, The roots of the Call of Duty, going back to the set in World War II with the first-person shooter series. With the new multiplayer gameplay, the zombie goes back and call the story of a tragic single player. World War II may be what we're doing.

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